What are proverbs? Why the need for proverbs? Where and Why are Proverbs Quotes and Sayings Used? Proverbs are Inspirational Quotes... Proverbs & Sayings convey Inspiration and Thought

People around the world have a way of communicating and conveying information. Language is the common denominator.

We use language to interact, tells stories, spread message or to communicate our needs. South Africa for example has eleven official languages, and each language has its own culture.

Proverbs are seen to result from wise experiences presented as wisdom in a subtle way. The words of proverbs and related sayings were generally provided by the old and wise people from different cultures, in most cases they were giving advice and warnings about everyday life.

The Oxford English Dictionary explains a proverb as: "a pithy saying in general use"

and the Longman Dictionary explains a proverb as: a short well known phrase or sentence, which contains advice about life.

The origin of proverbs

Proverbs come from different cultures and tribes. They tell of the experiences of peoples' lives

Proverbs originate from:

  • Everyday- life up and downs

  • Comforting each other

  • Warning the youth

  • Helping each other

  • A person's wealth

  • A particular way of doing things

Spoken proverbs in some cultures refer often to the life and deaths of animals, insects, rivers, mountain, sun, food, people.

Proverbs are presented in different languages according to cultures. And because in South Africa we have eleven official languages, we also have proverbs presented in eleven languages. In South Africa children are taught proverbs relating to a multitude of languages.

It is better to be an ordinary person working for a living, than to play the part of someone great but go hungry... Proverbs

There are Eleven Different South African Languages